Boundary Resolution Pack

When neighbours have an issue with regard to their property boundaries they immediately turn to their Land Registry Title Plan in the belief this will show their boundary positions. The Plan usually does not, however, because the Land Registry are obliged by statute to show boundaries in a general way only, without measurements, and without precision. There is usually no single document that will show boundaries with precision.

Without incurring the expense of surveyors and solicitors the only realistic option is to obtain a Boundary Search. This includes the Title Registers, Title Plans, Conveyancing Deeds and Deed Plans for each property, and also includes a detailed Boundary Information Pack. Even if you did use surveyors or solicitors, they would ask you to obtain these documents before taking any action. If either property is leasehold the search also includes a copy of the Lease and Lease Plan.

Documents Required

Price: £89.95

Documents Included
  • Title Register for each property
  • Title Plan for each property
  • Conveyancing Deeds and Deed Plans if available
  • Lease and Lease Plan if appropriate
  • Boundary Information Pack with Common Law Boundary Presumptions
  • These documents are usually provided within one hour when ordered within office hours

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