Ownership of a riverbank is more complex than with an average parcel of land as there may be a number of registered Fishing Rights in addition to ownership of the land itself. Fishing Rights are minor interests in land known as Profits a Prendre in Gross, i.e. the registered owner of the interest has a right to remove something (in this case fish) from another person's land.

Where there are fishing rights there will be the land owners title, profits a prendre titles (there could be many) and easement land titles. Easement land is land that a right of way has been granted over in order to reach another parcel of land (the riverbank).

The Deed creating a fishing right will normally state the amount and type of fish that can be caught and so the Deed is also provided with this search.

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  • Land Owner Title Register
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  • Fishing Rights Title Plan
  • Property Title Plan
  • Property Title Plan
  • Fishing Rights Deed
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  • Land Ownership Information Pack
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